Solar Low Speed Surface Aerator

Water Wheel Low Speed Surface Aerator was the surface aerator with low speed, high performance, and use 3 phases electric motor. It cannot use in some area, where 3 phases electric power is not available. It was developed to use man power, or internal combustion engines to replace motor but it still not inconvenient because it requires human and also did not reduce the use of fossil fuels so it is not as prevalent.

Solar cells have been used to Water Wheel Low Speed Surface Aerator development, but the result was not good enough. The 1,500 watts (2 hp) 3 phases induction motor makes the system requires a lot of solar cell panels. For example, if uses 300 watts PV panel, it must use eight panels or 1,800 watts (at averaged insolation 800 watts per square meters) requires space 16 square meters (4 x 4 meter) and can be used for 3–4 hours, for longer operations must add more panels and installed electrical energy storage devices, Batteries. It is not worth for the investment. It takes a lot of space not easy to use and maintenance.

Stand Alone Solar Water Wheel Low Speed Surface Aerator could work with solar energy without dependence on external power, suitable environment applications, powerful, rugged, low production cost, light weights, easy to move, and uses of materials available in local area. According to the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy to contribute to projects “From the sky …. diverts water into the shade….anthem “. To honor king Bhumibol Adulyadej Inventors Chaipattana Water Wheel Low Speed Surface Aerator and patent No. 3127 mechanical aeration equipment to nine of the world’s Chaipattana Aerator RX-2-2.