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Welcome to Aroma-Oil.Shop

Aroma-Oil.Shop was subsidairy of Airscan (Thailand) Co., Ltd was established in 1998 as a result of the personal and professional interests of its two founders, Dr. Adul Vanasorn, and Dr. Suravut Snidvongs.

Dr. Adul long time interest in the benefits of natural therapies and natural cosmetics provided the motivation for his to establish. Airscan as a means to scan those health and beauty benefits from the air with people who wish to have a healthy and beautiful life. Our products passed SGS quality test to meet World Standard.

Dr. Suravut had back ground in engineering, interest in natural distillation and extract equipments. He has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Computer, Master of Science in Engineering and Management, Doctor of Science in Renewable energy, and Doctor of Science in Industrial Engineer.

Airscan (Thailand) had more than 25 years’ experience in extracting Thai herbs with advanced technology has been developed. Originally produced for export, the company has formulated herbal extracts for diabetes, high blood pressure, wound healing, bruising, swollen wound, hormonal disorders, acne, cellulite, and cosmetics. Registered with the Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand. Under the trademark “Smile Angel”, which formulas.The secret formula of his family, Princess Sai Snidvongs (Head of Snidvongs Family) to the heir to the family. To preserve Thai medicine. He directed the Royal Thai Medicine Department. He is a physician of King Rama V. has taken the principle of the “Ayurvedic Bible”, which is widely used over 5,000 years,refers to Ayurveda. “Knowledge of life”, which the book has based on the balance of man and nature. Using the essential oil and spices 100% natural ingredients are mixed and carefully cured. To obtain the balance of the four elements, namely soil, water, wind, and fire, herbs were extracted by secret formula, which has been used for more than 2,500 years in the northern part of the Kingdom of Thailand, the extraction of essential oils and spices. It uses pure energy from the sun. Which is considered as the strongest energy in the universe. Which is considered one of the secrets of the Ayurvedic bible.

Aroma-Oil.Shop’s materials, sourced from the most reliable authentic, genuine, natural, and pure organic materials in The Kingdom of Thailand only, are excellent for use in Aromatherapy, Spa and in making Natural Cosmetics.

Aroma-Oil.Shop Products are of the supreme quality and are guaranteed to be:

  • Authentic having a claimed and verifiable origin.”
  • Genuine actually possessing the alleged or apparent attributes or character.”
  • Natural present in or produced by nature.
  • Pure Organic having a homogeneous or uniform composition and free from adulterants or impurities.
  • Renewable Energy “using a renewable energy in the processes of production.”

Aroma-Oil.Shop offers a wide range of materials to support the needs of Aromatherapy, Spa, and Cosmetic owners:

  1. Carrier Oils.
  2. Essential Oils.
  3. Extract Oils. offers a service to the customer for special blended and packed in custom containers with custom packaging and product information.

  1. Blended Essential Oils.
  2. Blended Massage Oils.

As we strive to provide our valued customers with a convenient, fast and friendly service, we welcome your comments on how we can better enable you to profitably satisfy the health and beauty needs of your customers.

Thank you for your interest in products and we look forward to growing a long term mutually beneficial partnership with you.


Aroma-Oil.Shop believes the best form of success is founded upon integrity. Aroma-Oil.Shop’s products are steadfast adherence to a strict moral and ethical code so the customers have absolute trust in the quality and efficiency.

Aroma-Oil.Shop is therefore pleased to offer the following guarantees:

  • Animal Testing Guarantee:

Aroma-Oil.Shop guarantees all products have not been tested on animals.

  • Authenticity Guarantee:

Aroma-Oil.Shop guarantees all materials are sourced from the claimed and verifiable origin.

  • Exposure Guarantee:

Aroma-Oil.Shop guarantees all products which are susceptible to deterioration by exposure to light are packed in light inhibiting packaging.

  • Extraction Guarantee:

Aroma-Oil.Shop guarantees all products are extracted using the stated extraction method.

  • Genuine Guarantee:

Aroma-Oil.Shop guarantees all materials actually posses the alleged or apparent attribute(s) or character(s).

  • Natural Guarantee:

Aroma-Oil.Shop guarantees all materials are present in or produced by nature.

  • Organic Guarantee:

Aroma-Oil.Shop guarantees all materials stated as being organic are of, marked by, or involve the use of fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides that are strictly of animal or vegetable origin.

  • Purity Guarantee:

Aroma-Oil.Shop guarantees all products have a homogeneous or uniform composition and are free from adulterants and impurities.

  • Return Guarantee:

Aroma-Oil.Shop guarantees to accept the return of all unopened products within seven (7) days of delivery.


Aroma-Oil.Shop products passed SGS quality test to meet World Standard. Some of Aroma-Oil.Shop products sold in U.S.A approved by FDA.

Physical chemical analysis

Source                                                                                     “Material name”

Origin                                                                                      Thailand

Apperance                                                                               “Color”

Tasted                                                                                     ………..

Colour value                           (E 1 % 1 atm 460 nm)             50 100 150

Absorbance ratio                   (A470/A454)                             0.995                   min

…………..                                    (%)                                            0.3                        max

Residual solvent

As hexane                                (ppm)                                       25                        max

As ethanol                                (ppm)                                       25                       max

Heavy Metal Analysis

Arsenic                                     (ppm)                                        2                         max

Heavy metal                            (ppm)                                        20                       max

Mercury                                    (ppm)                                        0.01                   max

Microbiological analysis

Total Viable Aerobic Count                                                   < 104                    cfu g-1

Total Enterobacteriaceae                                                      < 100                    cfu g-1

Total Fungal Count                                                                < 100                     cfu g-1

Test for specific Pathogens

  1. coli ( 1 g) Negative

Salmonella typhi                     (10g)                                        Negative BAM

  1. aureus ( 1 g) Absent

Specifications                         100 % Pure dry “Material Name”

Particle Size                            100 % through 80 mesh

Packing                                    Packed in Aluminum bottle.

Shelf life                                  Two years from date of Manufacture.

Storage                                    Away from direct sunlight, moisture/water, heat.


Aroma-Oil.Shop is pleased to conduct business on the following terms and conditions:

  • Labeling

All Aroma-Oil.Shop products are clearly identified with a high-quality label stating important information about the item, such as Common Name, Botanical Name, Product Type and Use By Date.

  • Packaging

All Aroma-Oil.Shop products are packed in high-quality containers and/or packaging appropriate to their characteristics, such as Fragility, Quantity, Sensitivity and Type.

  • Minimum Purchase

No minimum purchase quantity or minimum purchase value is required.

  • Pricing

Due to the volatile nature of the natural ingredients market, Aroma-Oil.Shop reserves the right to change the price of any products at any time without prior notice. Price discounts are available for large quantities of a single item, as specified in this Catalog. All prices will be confined upon the receipt of a customer Order.

  • Ordering

To ensure correct order processing, Partner Orders will only be accepted in writing, by either Facsimile on (662) 276 7913, or Email at or

  • Out of Stock

Customer Orders for products that are in stock will be fulfilled within 2-working days of receipt of a Customer Order. The estimated delivery time of any out of stock products will be confirmed upon the receipt of a Customer Inquiry or Customer Order.

  • Freight

All prices exclude freight cost. Customer Orders of 5,000 THB (150.00 USD) or more (excluding VAT) shall be delivered free of charge within the Greater Bangkok area. The cost of freight will be confirmed upon the receipt of all other Customer Orders and shall be for the account of the Customer. Aroma-Oil.Shop is unable to accept responsibility for any freight risk, such as damage, delay or loss.

  • Payment

Customer Orders must be paid in full prior to delivery, unless otherwise stated in this Catalog, by either:

  1. Cash.
  2. Company Cheque     – payable to Airscan (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  3. Direct Bank Deposit  – payable to Airscan (Thailand) Limited at:

      Thai Military Bank Public Company Limited,

   4. Letter of Credit (L/C)

  • Delivery

Customer Orders will be delivered by either Courier or EMS. The method of delivery will be agreed with the Customer upon receipt of a Customer Order, depending on destination, fragility, urgency and weight issues.

  • Discrepancies

Customer Orders must be checked immediately upon delivery and any discrepancies and associated claims advised in writing to Aroma-Oil.Shop within 24-hours of delivery.

  • Value Added Tax

All prices are in Thai Baht and exclude Value Added Tax. For all foreign customers when order the price will be in USD, EURO and exclude Value Added Tax.