Business Model

Sutrarak Medical Chain Network profits from

  1. The growth in value of the SUT Token,
  2. Franchise Fee
    1. Clinic Type A     475,000 USD + 5 % Total Sale
    2. Clinic Type B-1  225,000 USD + 5 % Total Sale
    3. Clinic Type B-2  225,000 USD + 5 % Total Sale
    4. Clinic Type C       80,000 USD + 5 % Total Sale
  3. Medical service for recover Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Chronic Wound, to prevent Kidney damage, Day care for Senior Citizens.
  4. It also provides basic customer software and apps for the Health Monitoring.

Sutrarak Medical Chain Network give full service for diagnose and treatment, SPA, Fitness, Healthy Food, Day Care for Senior Citizens, and Online Shopping. The customer can pay the services by CASH, Credit Card, Smart Phone APP, and SUT Token.

This calculation is based on the predictable data of incomes and all expenses. According to the estimates, in the case of a conservative forecast (reaching a softcap of MUS$6.25), the targeted funds will be sufficient to setup Wellness Center up 16 retailers in 4 years, which will generate a monthly demand for profit worth $2.1 million.

The value of the network grows in the process of adoption by a large number of participants, who start using Sutrarak service.

Business Concept

There are diabetic patients, high blood pressure for both Thai and foreigners. These patients taking medicine all the time for live as normal life. These drugs are not making the symptom recover it just relieve and cause kidney deterioration when using drugs continuously. They also suffer from chronic wounds. With the current treatment, the symptoms do not go away.Therefore, there is a need for other therapeutic alternatives. It is also necessary to have a place where the patient can travel to heal or treat. In general, these facilities are usually hospital or clinic buildings. Less space when the patient undergoes diagnose or treatment, it is stressful. Our new concept of treatment, Wellness Center with fully service. It’s warm, and natural atmosphere offers healthy food, Spa and fitness.

Information from the Office of the Economic Development Board And the national society in year 2018 found that Thailand has 5 million diabetic patients. Outpatient expenses for diabetes care averaged 75 USD/person/month,or 900 USD/person/year. For patients, the average medical expense was 50 USD/person/month, 600 USD/person/year. Total medical expenses are 3,000 MUSD/year.

From this information whether a number of patients are being treated at our Wellness Center. It will generate a lot of revenue for the company. Also, some patients relieve from diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and infectious wound, so it reduce kidney damage. Currently diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic wound patients each year requires a lot of money.  

Nature of business

Our project designer tries to create a new Wellness Center that is not done before. In order to have a warm, and natural environment, patients will not feel uncomfortable to meet doctor or feel some diseases were scary, and boring anymore.

Sutrarak Wellness Center is expert in treating diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic wound, to prevent kidney damage. By checking the condition of the patient by modern doctor to analyze the disease and the severity of the disease from blood test results. Alternative treatment from Thai Traditional Pharmacist and Thai Traditional Doctor of Medicine will order, medicine from herbs, reflexology, aromatherapy, foot reflexology, aromatherapy, and /or audio therapy, food/drink therapy, and exercise.

Every Sutrarak Wellness Center has Medical clinic, Spa, Healthy food, Fitness, and Day Care for Senior Citizens for customers to enjoy and relax.  

Guests can use the Canteen, Fitness and Spa facilities if they do not wish to treat or cure diabetes and high blood pressure to increase revenue for the company, and the trial of services to the guests in the future if these people are sick and want to heal or treat at the Sutrarak Wellness Center.

Corporate Strategy

Focus on building a Wellness Center in shopping centers and office buildings. Franchise system for diabetics, high blood pressure, chronic wound,to prevent kidney damage without using modern medicines, and Day Care for Senior Citizens. Using modern combine technology for treatments with low management fee. Sutrarak Medical Chain could treat 1,000 outpatients a day both Thai and foreigners. Sutrarak Wellness Center has warm and natural atmosphere. It is located in the shopping center or office building, located in various types of shopping center and office building  around the therapists to relax.

Business Strategy

Improve organization management. Decentralized decision-making to lower-level employees alleviates workload and management decisions. Best quality control at all times.

Thai Traditional Pharmacist and Thai Traditional Doctor of Medicine develop a standardized treatment and service process. Use standard format as much as possible to reduce the work steps. Should study modern technology and use in treatment and services.

Financial and accounting system development to meet standard. Must plan for payment schedule such as utilities, labor and so on to match working schedule and payment schedules.

Project Development and Costs

Product development consists of 8 stages. The total costs of stages 1-8 will come to US$ 18 million. Depending on the amount that will be raised during the Crown Sale, these stages’ timeline can be accelerated. The execution of stages 7-8 will cost US$ 3.5 million.

All the costs include operations and sales and marketing activities. Unlike many other blockchain startups, we anticipate that only 25% of the total costs will be spent on product development, because a lot of essential components of the system have already been developed and tested.

Depending on the Crown Sale results and adoption of the product of the previous stages, we can embark on stages 7-8 earlier than planned

The funds that we raise beyond the softcap will be invested in sales marketing activities, which will help us sign up more merchants more quickly, creating a stronger network effect and delivering the product features faster. Additional funds will also be used for opening of new geographical markets faster and delivering new features of the product, which were not mentioned in the pipeline below.

This product roadmap may not be final and is subject to adjustments depending on the feedback we receive from early Sutrarak adopters.