Cost Breakdown

Table 2 Portion of Budget

SUT token is an ERC-20 standard-basis Ethereum token.

Sut token allow for the payment of goods and services in partner merchants of the Sutrarak system and can also be converted into ETH/USD at the open market, or at the Sutrarak liquidity contract.

SUT Tokens will be offered on a private white list subscription, effective as of 1st, of April 2019.

The members of Sutatrak team are not allowed to distribute their SUT tokens within the twelve months after the Token issue  date. After that period, all SUT tokens of the Sutrarak team will be released for distribution in the amount of 20% of the tokens owned by a member of the Sutrarak every month, so that twelve months after the Token issue date. all SUT tokens owned  by the members of the Sutrarak team are released from lock-up. 

Table 3. Token generation event details

Financial Fee15.002.70
Utility Bill
Health Monitor12.212.20

As illustrated above, production is expected to begin in 2019, with revenue generation commencing during that year.