Millennium HHO History Fuel from water was founded January of 2008 by CEO/Engineer Dr, Jack Wong with the introduction of the first Millennium Hydrogen Generator. He started his work in developing and perfecting the hydrogen generator as early as 2006 with the Series 1 model, he registered Millennium HHO Generator Trade Mark and Patented in 2009. Millennium HHO Generator was proven safe enough to be used by the general public and also tested with Ministry of Energy Thailand that they system could save fuel 15% and reduced pollution more than 10%.

Dr. Jack Electrical and Renewable Engineer background, also held several patents of inventions used in the past, such as Solar Thermal Power Plant, Low Speed Surface Aerator, Non-Fuel Heat Engine, Water as fuel with plasma, HHO generator and others.

Millennium HHO Generator can use with internal and external combustion engines from ¼ to 5,000 HP. With special designed not like other system Millennium HHO Generator will not turn electrolyte color to red, electrode had very long life. Millennium is the only HHO generator that had real Dynamo Test and real data record. The system can save fuel from 5 to 200 % depend on engine, ECU, and installations.

Toyota Altis NGV

Chevrolet Colorada




Volvo S60





KIA 2700






Thanaphum Marine





Toyota Vigo D4D





 Chevrolet Zafira 2.0




Nissan Frontier ZD30T







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