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Here is the principle of protection: ULTIMATE MINI-TESLA psi-generator has the digitized bio hologram of your unique digitized bio hologram, which is recorded via laser from your childhood photograph, digitized and diagnosed. Then laser is used to encode your bio hologram onto the chip on Nano level. When your cells divide, the biohologram on the chip makes your chromosomes center and focus, since chromosomes send and receive information (holographic signal) via the zero center of their wave crystals in accordance with their shape, similar to how our eye functions(changing focus depending on the shape of eye crystal / refraction via diffraction grating).

RNA is a single-stranded spiral antenna, and it is RNA which sends and receives external linear wave information. At the same time, DNA is a double-stranded structure, in which one strand has signal going one direction, and second strand with signal going the opposite direction. That is why DNA is capable of neutralizing every external linear signal via its very geometric structure — in the standing / scalar /zero wave. DNA reflects every wave upon itself, so that the peak of the forward-going wave is neutralized by the trough of the same wave when it is reflected upon itself and backward-going.

DNA sends and receives information in a completely different way than RNA. DNA receives and sends information via holographic signal only – via the refraction mechanism in the diffraction grating of scalar / standing / zero “wave”, refracting all external linear signals toward the zero center of the wave crystal / hologram. Like the crystal of our eye.

So, DNA is ultimately protected from any linear external wave information, which is harmful. At the same time,RNA is what is vulnerable. Spiral shaped bacteria are most important, because they imprint themselves upon RNA on the structural level as geometric wave codes (“wave crystals”). Every single bacteria in your body is non-local and is an integral part of one planetary organism of this species of bacteria. Any bacterial infection is the “plug-in” of this planetary organism into the Quantum Bio-computer of your body. You can get rid of this”plug-in” only on the structural level — via the Kozyrev Mirror Principle. Kozyrev Mirrors are egg-shaped structures with reflective surfaces.Soviet Communists in 1965 did experiments in Russian Orthodox Churches and found out that there are no bacterial and viral infections there, though crowd of very sick and dying people are coming there every day. The secret lies in the geometrical structure of the CUPOLA-SHAPED ceilings, which reflect waves of bacteria and viruses upon themselves, so that they neutralize themselves.

Besides basic psychotronic protection which is guaranteed by our every MINI-TESLA psi-generator, the ULTIMATE MINI-TESLA psi-generator has RNA encoded into the casing, because RNA is most vulnerable to the external linear wave signals. The RNA bio-hologram is recorded via laser from the EXCLUSIVE RNA DRUG developed by the Institute for National Security in Moscow for the first persons in the State, military commanders, diplomats, intelligence, top military and Special Forces.

Synthetic telepathy is the obsolete technology of the Pre-Quantum Era. And Quantum Leap technologies are much more advanced.