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Dr. Irene Caesar states: “Modern genetic engineering through cutting and pasting together the DNA fragments leads to genetic collapse. Since the universe is holographic, we can record and transmit only the holographic information, based on the Geometrical Optics of chromosomes. The same gene is expressed in functional individuals by the metacentric chromosome, and indys functional individuals – through the acrocentric chromosome. A chromosome is a lens that allows our cells to focus the necessary wave information during cell division, similar to a crystal (lens) in our eye. The metacentric chromosome is analogous to a well-centered and focused eye crystal, whereas the acrocentric chromosome is analogous to the myopic or farsighted eye. “(Irene Caesar, Ph.D.,” Remote Genetic Engineering as Bioholography Based upon the Shape of Chromosomes, DNA and RNA for Focusing the Genetic Information”,Speech and Article published in the Proceedings of the 8th World Congress on Genetics, BIT, November 13-15, 2017, Macau, China).

According to Dr. Irene Caesar, “The chromosome is a geometrical code and functions through refraction in a wave crystal, that is, in a nonlocal unique biohologram or wave matrix that focuses genetic information unique to a given person through its unique interference / diffraction grating of a scalar (standing) wave.” (Irene Caesar, Ph.D., “Remote Management of Bio systems as Bioholography Based upon the Shape of Chromosomes for Focusing the Genetic Information “, Speech and Article published in the Proceedings of the 7th Annual World Congress on Molecular and Cellular Biology, BIT, April 25-27,2017, Xi’an, China). “Thus,” continues Dr. Caesar, “the chromosome is a structural / geometrical code or form that is holographic in nature, allowing the remote management of bio systems by means of Laser Polarized Holography” (Irene Caesar, Ph.D., “Remote Bio system Management Based upon the Shape of Chromosomes as the Diffraction Grating for Focusing Genetic Information “, Speech and article published in the Proceedings of the International Conference “Health 2.0 Asia “, sponsored by the Chinese Government, and with the participation of Nobel Laureate Professor Daniel Shechtman, November 9-10, 2016, Nanjing, China).

Dr. Caesar claims that “a hologram is not an image, but a special structural quality of a signal. According to the holographic principle, the Universe is entirely in its every matrix point. Dr. Caesar states that the Hologram contains an infinite number of waves, particles and fields. Therefore, according to her, the hologram cannot be “read” in tera hertz, infrared or any other range. In August 2012, Dr. Irene Caesar formulated the implication of the Holographic Principle, which theoretically explains the possibility of remote control over bio systems. Dr. Caesar states that “if the universe is completely in its every matrix point, then, each matrix point is not simply different from any other matrix point, but is unique. Thus, each wave matrix is​​both unique and nonlocal. Therefore, if we have two exact copies of the same unique non-local biohologram, we can transfer information remotely and instantaneously from one copy to another copy for there mote control over biosystems” (Irene Caesar, Ph.D., “Remote Management of Biosystems as Bioholography Based upon the Shape of Chromosomes for Focusing the Genetic Information “, Speech and Article published in the Proceedings of the 7th Annual World Congress on Molecular you and Cellular Biology, BIT, April 25-27, 2017, Xi’an, China).

Dr.Irene Caesar has created the project of Quantum Biointernet in the Spring of 2013 and presented it, in May 2013 in London, to Andrew Charalambus, the Head of the Byzantine Templars, at his personal invitation, for the join timple mentation. The project consisted in the instantaneous transfer of the holographic information from one copy to another copy of a unique non-local wave matrix / biohologram during the scanning of one of the copies by a Helium-Neon laser with internal mirrors. This transfer was proposed for the first time on the global market, ahead of all other researchers in this field,including P.P. Garyaev, who began offering a remote transfer only after Dr.Irene Caear has made this project public.

Similarly,according to Dr. Caesar, the Holographic Principle explains the electret /dipole nature of the Biohologram: the Holographic Principle “means that each Biohologram has opposite poles, with each pole representing a change of the spin in an integral torsion (torus) .The change in the spin causes each linear external signal to be reflected upon itself inside the Hologram, so that a scalar / standing wave emerges when the peak of the forward-going wave is nullified by a through of the same wave when it is reflected upon itself. The diffraction grating of a scalar wave refracts the external linear signals in the direction of the zero center of the wave crystal / hologram, similar to the focus of the crystal in our eye. Via changing the shape of the crystal, that is,the refraction inside the diffraction grating, our eye receives different information. The same happens with our chromosomes.

Furthermore,DNA is self-protected from any external linear signal, since it is a paradigmatic scalar wave, because its one strand goes in one direction and the other strand in the opposite direction. While RNA is a single-stranded spiral antenna, which is, thus, vulnerable to the external signals. Therefore, the secret of the genome lies in the form of RNA as an inductor, which collects,amplifies and stores energy in the form of a magnetic field. Genetic improvement is possible only if RNA collects and stores the correct linear signals and for a sufficiently long time; and only if DNA nullifies the signals in its scalar wave by creating the spatial translational symmetry(metacentricity) of the Holographic Signal, imposing it upon chromosomes during cell division. “(Irene Caesar, Ph.D.,” Remote Genetic Engineering as Bioholography Based upon the Shape of Chromosomes, DNA and RNA for Focusing the Genetic Information”, Speech and Article published in the Proceedings of the 8th World Congress on Genetics, BIT, November 13-15, 2017, Macau,China).

Dr. Caesar states that “the geometry of chromosomes changes the nature of the external signal from linear to holographic (© Irene Caesar 2012, the Implication of the Holographic Principle)

(1) through the polarization of the torus (via changing the spin in the integral toroidal field of DNA),

(2) through the reflection of any external linear signal upon itself and creation of the diffraction grating of the scalar / standing wave, which nullifies any external signal;

(3) through the refraction of any incoming signal towards the center of the wave crystal, which functions as a focus, in the same way as our eye functions (© Irene Caesar, Ph.D., Geometry of Chromosomes, 2014) (Irene Caesar, Ph.D.) (Irene Caesar, Ph.D., “Remote Management of Biosystems Based upon the Shape of Chromosomes as Diffraction Grating for Focusing the Genetic Information”, Speech and Article published in the Proceedings of the International Symposium of the Bangkokthonburi University, Bangkok, Thailand, at the personal invitation of the Royal Family of Thailand, July 23, 2016, pp. 2-7).

Dr. Caesar concludes: “We can produce remote laser management of biosystems and, thus, create people with improved physical and mental abilities, and dramatically prolong life expectancy, based upon the Implication of the Holographic Principle (© Irene Caesar, Ph.D., Quantum Biointernet, 2013) and the mastery of geometrical codes of chromosomes “(Irene Caesar, Ph.D.,Article “Quantum Genetics “, monthly Journal” Socialist Factor”, Lucknow and London, September 2016, pp. 41-43).

Dr. Irene Caesar was the first who suggested to produce and distribute drugs via holograms as diffraction / refraction gratings, and to create holograms by lasers according to the principle of refraction.

From May to September 2017, at the experimental sites of the Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman, and the Scientific and Educational Medica land Technological Center of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, a scientific group, headed by Dr. Irene Caesar and financed by her, has successfully implemented and tested the new method, offered by Dr. Caesar, of recording and remote transmission of bio holograms using laser spectroscopy and coding the electrets at the nano scale using a laser. According to Dr. Irene Caesar, “the technology of the Polarized Biogeography creates ‘lenses’that help our chromosomes correct their refraction for focusing the geneticbio-graphic information both locally and remotely” (Irene Caesar, Ph.D.,”Remote Bioengraining as Quantum Biointernet, Based upon the Geometrical Optics of Chromosomes as Lenses for Refracting and Focusing the Genetic Information”, Speech and Article published in the Proceedings of the World Congress on Biomedical Engineering, Creating the New Future of Biomedicine,November 9-11, 2017, Xi’an, China).

During the experiments, for the first time in the world, a new high-precision laser spectrograph was used to record the Bio holograms of Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Irene Caesar proposed a modification of the laser spectrograph (an egg with reflective inner surfaces, for amplification through resonance in the pyramidal part, and, then, for zeroing the signal in the spherical part in the scalar /standing wave), which will greatly expand the capabilities of this device for recording bio holograms.

The mathematical model was created by a group of scientists who also created a mathematical model for trajectories of the Caliber rockets (a new, top Russian missile).

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