Token Sale

Sutrarak Medical Chain’s crown fund will be a capped sale raising $US 18 million (18,000,000) equivalent of ETH and/or BTC with white listed contribution caps. Sutrarak Medical Chain will be issuing 18 million (18,000,000) ERC20 tokens, called SUT Tokens, to create a new block chain based health care ecosystem. These tokens will be offered in a Crowd sale to allow participants to purchase SUT Tokens early as well as contribute and support the further development of Sutrarak Medical Chain. Starting from January 2019, participants will have the ability to contribute and receive SUT Tokens in exchange for their ETH and/or BTC by sending Ether to a designated address.

During the ICO SUT Tokens will be distributed at an exchange rate of 1 token = $US1.00 equivalent in ETH and offered before this date at a discount in a pre-sale.

18 million tokens issued

Of these 18 million tokens…

SUT Token offering


Private sale




Sale in exchange


       Sutrarak Medical Chain will use these tokens to help grow Sutrarak Medical Chain with network monitor system include ecosystem on its block chain by educating others, supporting node holders, bringing partners onto its platform, conducting pilots, and sponsoring industry leading events. This will vest for 2 years.

SUT has appointed Capital Trust Group in New Zealand, to manage the token sale. Capital Trust Group will also act as the custodian for funds raised, with the authority to disburse funds for the project.

Marketing Plan

Sutrarak Medical Chain will provide channels to promote their products as the followings: –

  • Online shopping
  • Television and YouTube programs
  • Membership with Health Monitor Watch
  • Send on site doctor for Government, Office, and Manufacture to examine and treatments
  • Newspaper, Magazine
  • Facebook, Line
  • Events and Free Health Check Up to get new members